Adventure Tours in Ecuador You Can’t Miss

E cuador has seen a lot of changes through its course of history. From being a homeland to many Amerindian groups to being a part of the ancient Inca Empire, the Spanish colonization era and political struggles in modern times. But what it always had was remarkable and extraordinary nature, that we are all fascinated by.

And with that comes a playground that is unmatched in its variety, wildlife, fun, and beauty. Adventure tours in Ecuador are all that and more, going from highest peaks to rapid waterways and deep unseen worlds. Thrilling, staggering and simply fun, discover the adventure tours in Ecuador you simply can’t miss. Let’s go! Shall we?

Rafting Streaming Rivers

Once an important means of transportation for Ecuador’s indigenous people, today the rivers are an important source of electricity for the country. With over 2,000 rivers flowing through Ecuador, conquering these beautiful and mighty waterways might not be an easy task. Where, when, why and how? You might ask.
And this is where the rafting comes in, with a trusted and highly-reviewed Kayak Ecuador company and their full-day rafting affair, conquering two rivers at once. Not only this is one of the best adventure tours in Ecuador, but an unforgettable and striking adventure with a chance to support the country, as rafting has become an important part of Ecuador’s tourism-based economy.
Whether you are a beginner or a savvy and experienced rafting person, Kayak Ecuador has everyone covered. Let’s split up into two parts, with one being for more experienced and fit, while the second will present a golden opportunity for beginners to learn and still experience the thrill.

Climbing Cotopaxi Volcano

Standing strong at the breathtaking heights of 5,897 meters, the active Cotopaxi Volcano is the second highest summit in Ecuador. It is also the most active volcano in the country, with the 87 known eruptions it formed valleys and buried villages in its past. After resting for many years, it came back to life recently, in 2015 showing signs of unrest, earthquakes and few eruptions closing the outdoor recreation activities in the result. However, the opportunity to feel, touch and climb one of the Earth’s most fascinating and mighty creations was reopened in 2017. Today hundreds of climbers attempt to bring the mountain beneath their feet, and fortunately, there are many adventure tours In Ecuador that offers the to help achieve it.

Situated 50km from Quito in Cotopaxi National Park, the mountain and the area offers a fantastic outdoor fix for any type of traveler out there. You can choose to hike up to the stone mountain hut, a refuge and base camp at the altitudes of 4800m and finish here. Or, if you are up for the challenge and the ultimate prize, you can try to tackle the six-hour non-technical scramble to the top, through glaciers and snow-white blankets.
Additional options like mountain biking downhill along the dirt track for a fast-paced adventure is also available. Whichever you prefer, make sure to do it with a quality tour operator, a knowledgeable guide and most importantly, enjoy the majestic once in a lifetime views!

Kayak Lesson in the Amazon

Created thousands of years ago by Eskimos in the northern Arctic regions, the kayaks and the sport of kayaking developed into an Olympic sport and the tool of adventure that anyone can use and learn. And what a better way to do it, than here in Ecuador, where exotic rivers run wild!
But not all of us are experienced enough to truly enjoy the potential that kayaking has, as it requires much more skill than it might seem. And for many of us, without experience comes doubt, and with doubt comes fear.

But worry not, as our list of adventure tours in Ecuador doesn’t end here. In contrary, we present a beautiful opportunity to not only have an adventurous tour but an educative one as well. All in the diverse and unique rivers of Ecuador with Kayak Ecuador and their extensive Kayaking School!
First, and one of the most important things to mention once again is that Kayak Ecuador only hires certified instructors. That alone gives a peace of mind, not to mention alongside other perks like included food, accommodation, certificate of course completion and many others. Meanwhile, let’s tackle the best options that this learning tour offers.

2-Day Kayak School – Perfect for those who want to grab the basics and foundation of Kayaking in a short amount of time. Not only you will get to practice various techniques and get comfortable with water, but have fun and guided descent down the river on both days!

4-Day Kayak School – Striving to be confident and skillful on those white waters and go beyond basics? The experienced and certified instructors will also train important rescue techniques, as well as four descents on each day down the ancient rivers that will sharpen your growing skills strongly.

7-Day Deluxe Kayak School – This all-inclusive week gives everything you can imagine from a kayaking course. From learning how to mentally approach the sport and difficulties that come with it, to endless hours of fun practice, as well as visiting best restaurants and getting some local experience! This is the ultimate school of kayaking and adventure tours in Ecuador combination, and after, you will definitely be ready to dominate most of the rapids out there using your own skill, confidence, and technique.


Diving Islote Pelado

Being a part of Ecuador’s national system of protected areas, the El Pelado Marine Reserve and the Pelado Island is full of possibilities and undiscovered mysteries. And this presents a truly intriguing diving experience in Ecuador, with operators organizing Diving sessions and adventure tours around Islote Pelado.
Even though marine biodiversity has been poorly studied compared to other locations on Earth, yet it is known enough to say that the place is really rich in diversity and is teeming with life and colorful flora all over the underwater world. While the Pelado Islet itself is a nesting site for various seabirds, what’s beneath deep blue waters around it is what creates that range of diversity.By choosing to dive here, you will have a chance to discover many species of marine life. Between colorful reef patches and outstanding rocky formations is where life happens. From lobsters and octopuses to parrotfish, turtles, angelfish and many much more!
Add a variety of diving specialties like a sunken ship, fish recognition and beyond, with many diving sites all with their own secrets to unveil and you have a very special place to be in Ecuador!

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