Amazon Experience




Join us for an amazing 3-day Amazon Experience! We have found the perfect combination between Adventure and Cultural Connection


Experience and feel the nature in our super fun rafting adventure in the “Llanganates” National Park. Harvest, prepare and taste our special cacao and transform it in delicious chocolate prepared in the Kichwa way. Discover the rainforest just 3 hours away from Quito. 

⤅ Price: from $200,00 per person

⤅ Amazon Experience Program Includes:

Activities & Guides
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Intern transfers
National Parks entrance fees


🍃 Day 1 - Amazon Experience: Welcome to our House!

Check in: 15:00 Pacha Eco Lodge is located 3 hours from Quito, if you need more information in how to get here, please click here.

Once here, we will set you up in the room/cabin of your preference, then we will start our chocolate journey 🍫!


We will prepare for you a delicious welcome dinner!

🍃 Day 2 - Amazon Experience: Rafting in the Jatun Yacu river - Class III


First, we will have a 50 min road trip in order to reach our Put In, Cando; a Kichwa Community located in the Llanganates National Park. This destination filled with mystery and legend, boasts some of the most beautiful landscape and grand biodiversity in the country. This trip is operated by our own tour operator Kayak Ecuador.


After giving you all the proper and homologated rafting gear, and after receiving an orientation talk, we will be ready! The natural beauty you’ll be surrounded all day long and the adrenaline of this big water river will transform this trip in an unforgettable experience. While some parts of the river pump you full of energy, other parts are smooth and relaxing, allowing you to float down the river.


In the middle of our trip, we will stop in Shandia: a Kichwa community which is located in an island. Once we get there, we will play some fun games in the beautiful river beach. Also, you will be able to check and buy some amazing handicrafts and organic local chocolate. During this break, we will serve you a delicious lunch so you can recharge your energy for the rest of the activity! After this break, we will continue our trip for approx. 2 more hours. Fun is not over!


During the day, don’t forget to look back, the mountains behind the Jatun Yacu river will remind you why you are alive and why you decided to visit the jungle. We know that our IRF certified, enthusiastic and professional guides will make out of this trip a memorable experience.

🍃 Day 3 - Amazon Experience: Jungle Trails in the Lodge

Enjoy your last delicious breakfast with us!

We have two amazing trails inside the lodge where you will be able to walk barefoot and connect with the jungle, relax in our natural streams or refresh and swim in the Misahualli river.

Check out at 12:00.