A Journey from Pacha Ecolodge in Ecuador to Europe



We recently had the privilege of joining a select group of tourism providers. We wanted to promote our Ecolodge in Ecuador. We went on an enlightening “RoadShow” organized by the Ministry of Tourism, showcasing the diverse appeal of Ecuador. In this fascinating journey, we traversed the hidden charms of Europe, immersing ourselves in the captivating allure of Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Barcelona, and Madrid.

This firsthand encounter with some of the world’s top tourist cities reinforced our belief that we are well-equipped and ideally located to welcome guests from all around the globe. We offer a distinctly Ecuadorian experience that matches the high standards set by these cities.

Unveiling Europe’s Delights:


First, we went to Amsterdam, with its enchanting canals and dynamic atmosphere, won us over instantly. Then, Paris, the city of love, mesmerized us with its iconic landmarks and romantic boulevards. After that, Zurich’s breathtaking landscapes left us spellbound, while Barcelona’s vibrant artistic treasures stirred our souls. Finally Madrid, with its rich history and pulsating city life, was captivating at every turn. Each of these European cities, with their unique personalities and undeniable allure, has left a lasting imprint on our memories and raised the bar for our own offerings.

Discovering Ecuador’s Treasures:


Despite the global challenges that Ecuador may face, our country stands proud with its abundant natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. As proud Ecuadorians, we deeply appreciate the beauty of our homeland. Ecuador’s diverse landscapes, ranging from the breathtaking Andes to the untamed Amazon Rainforest, offer endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

We are fully committed to sustainable practices, community engagement, and fostering a genuine connection with nature. Visitors to Ecuador have the chance to immerse themselves in vibrant culture, encounter unique wildlife, and be enveloped by the warm hospitality of our people.

Pacha Ecolodge and Kayak Ecuador’s Mission:


At Pacha Ecolodge and Kayak Ecuador, our mission is to create authentic and unforgettable experiences for adventurous travelers. Our esteemed ecolodge serves as a sanctuary, allowing guests to unwind, reconnect with nature, and fully appreciate the unrivaled beauty of Ecuador’s pristine wilderness.

We organize exhilarating kayak adventures, showcasing the country’s breathtaking rivers and thrilling rapids. Our dedication to responsible tourism goes beyond our lodge as we actively contribute to reforestation projects and foster meaningful collaborations with local communities.

Join Us on an Unforgettable Journey:


We cordially invite you to embark on a transformative journey that surpasses geographical boundaries. Let yourself immerse in the remarkable wonders of Ecuador.

At Pacha Ecolodge, you will discover the perfect fusion of comfort, sustainability, and an authentic connection with nature. Inspired by our participation in this “RoadShow,” aimed at promoting Ecuador’s remarkable offerings, we are even more driven to share our experiences and encourage travelers from across the globe to explore the boundless opportunities that our unique country has to offer. It is time to experience the untamed beauty of Ecuador!