Things to do around Pacha – Tena & Archidona, Napo – Ecuador

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This blog is dedicated to everyone who is looking for things to do in Tena & Archidona or near Pacha Ecolodge.

My name is Daniela, and together with Santiago we have created this space called “Pacha” with great effort and love.


Over the course of our adventure, we have tried to take the time to get to know and explore the area. There are so many magical and beautiful places! So many, that the list is endless. However, here are a few options that I think you should consider when planning your trip to the towns of Tena and Archidona in Napo.


Whether you are looking for something to do around the lodge or in the small (but very special) canton of Archidona, I have a few recommendations in no particular order:



This is truly a one of a kind experience!


If you are the adventurous type, love nature and are in good physical shape, this is the perfect activity for you! The landscapes, the energy, the water, and the adrenaline come together perfectly to allow you to connect with the moment, the space, and the famous but sometimes unattainable state of mind of “being PRESENT”.


Before we begin our descent with Kayak Ecuador, our first stop is the Gran Cañon del Jondachi. A beautiful and majestic canyon surrounding a natural pool of water. The vines and vegetation overflowing from the rocks form a kind of natural curtain that decorates the space with great simplicity and abundance.


The thrill of excitement and nerves are added to the day as we step into the boat, are you ready to feel truly alive? There are no words to describe the sensations, the landscapes and the infinite waterfalls that surround you.
Even though this rafting expedition only lasts one day, you will be changed and cleansed by the experience of being surrounded by living water, birds, canyons, amazon and life.


Price: $$
Duration: One full day


Believe it or not, this part of the Ecuadorian Amazon is surrounded by caves and caverns. There are at least 8 communities within 10km of Pacha that offer excursions to these natural monuments.


If you like long hikes and are eager to explore, this is the ideal place for you! This is a Kichwa Community Tourism Center, where a guide (Spanish/Kichwa) will navigate you through the magical trails of their land.


At your leisure and with great enthusiasm, you will learn about the use of medicinal plants and the fauna that inhabits this section of the jungle while walking along the “Yanayacu” river.


These less traveled paths will allow you to enter the home of the ancestors: the caves. It is here that the magic comes alive as you learn about the history behind the magnetic energy that resides there. The rest of the story is yours to tell once you experience the place.


You will also be able to bathe and splash in the waters of the Yanayacu waterfalls.


Price: $$
Duration: 4 – 5 hours


If you prefer shorter and less demanding hikes, Usayacu is a great option for you.


Upon arrival, you will see a small crystalline river where you can bathe and refresh yourself. Its keeper is a small canyon that stands in front of you and allows your imagination to soar while making you feel small and alive.

Hidden at the top of these rocks is a cavern and a waterfall.


During the short but pleasant walk into the cave, you will discover just how generous the jungle is; you can learn about medicinal plants, birds, and if you dare, maybe even try a lemon ant.


A highlight of the day is when Remo (one of the guides) asks us to be quiet and feel the darkness inside the cavern. For a few seconds we are invisible; we disappear completely. This majestic silence becomes present and we become nothing.


Price: $
Duration: 2 – 3 hours


If you want to discover the area in one of our programs, you are invited to check them out!

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Nature Lover’s Amazon Retreat | 8 days – 7 nights

From $2.300/couple - Embark on an unforgettable journey in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. From making your own chocolate and navigating whitewater rapids to exploring mysterious caves. Discover rare wildlife, immerse yourself in local culture, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Amazon in this immersive, eco-friendly travel experience.


Things To Do | Activities

Amazon Experience | 3 days – 2 nights

From $490/couple - Experience and feel the nature in our super fun rafting adventure in the “Llanganates” National Park. Harvest, prepare and taste our special cacao and transform it in delicious chocolate prepared in the Kichwa way.


Things To Do | Activities

Whitewater Rafting – Inflatables Tour | 7 days

From $1.000 | Paddle with locals with our top guides/instructors! What could be better than a week of Class III-IV boating in a tropical paradise?