Where to eat in Tena & Archidona

As you may know, Pacha has an incredible and delicious restaurant! But, if you are willing to explore the city or looking where to eat in Tena or Archidona; here you will fin our selection of restaurants in order to give you some advice regarding food when you visit the area!

Where to eat in Archidona

BIJAO | Traditional Cuisine


BIJAO Restaurant is our favorite place to taste delicious local/traditional dishes! Max, the owner, is always there in order to deliver perfectly seasoned meals.

We strongly recommend visiting them!

Even if they have a small menu, everything is delicious! If you are a fish lover, this is the place for you! Our favorite dish is the deep fried entire Tilapia, so crispy and fresh!

Or, if you’re looking to try the most traditional dish called “Maito”, go for it! This dish consists in wrapping the meat (fish or chicken) in ‘Bijao” leaves and letting them grill with a little amount of seasoning.

They do offer some vegetarian options but their best is fish and chicken.

Any dish you order will include the local traditional amazon beverage: “Guayusa” Cold Tea.


⤅ Wednesday to Friday | 11:00 am to 16:00 pm


⤅ Prices: $

Where to eat in Tena

CAFÉ TORTUGA | Coffee Shop


Café Tortuga was one of the first cafés in Tena! They have really good options for vegetarians and vegans! Their most popular dishes are breakfasts, but can order them during any time of the day.

The coffees are delicious! The biggest coffee menu in town!

But our recommendation is to try the “Ginger Float“, a fresh a special smoothie prepared with ginger and vanilla ice cream. You will also find delicious “paninis” and different desserts every day!

This is a unique and different place, you will probably receive an English service if you require so (which is very difficult to find in Tena).

They are located in the best place to hang around in Tena: “El Malecón de Tena”.


⤅ Open every day | 08:oo am to 20:00 pm


Prices: $



Mexico has arrived to the Amazon Rainforest! If you want to have a fancy street food experience, Taquería “El Chulito” offers it all!

Ordering might be a little overwhelming at first, just take your time…

They have a little bit of everything, but if you want an advice this is what we usually order:

Volcán (Crispy Cheesy Corn Tortilla) with the meat of your preference; we usually order the “Volcán” with “Suadero“(Beef) meat or “Pastor Meat” (Pork with Pineapple).

⤅ Traditional “taquitos” with the meat of your preference prepared with corn tortilla.
Our favorite meat is the “Cochinita Pibil” (perfectly seasoned and salty pork meat, as juicy as it can get!)
If you go on a Saturday, you’ll have the choice of ordering “Birria”, the more juiciest and flavorful meat of all!

Gringa: If you are really hungry having one of this gringas you won’t be disappointed. They are prepared with the meat of your preference and lots of cheese and wrapped in a delicious wheat tortilla. Much bigger than the traditional corn tortilla.

Once they call your name you can pick up your order and put all the “salsas” you want. They have arranged a bar with all the sauces and chilies.

Enjoy! They are opened at nights from Wednesdays to Saturdays. They are located near the best place to hang around in Tena: “El Malecón de Tena”.


⤅ Monday to Saturday | 17:00 pm to 22:00 pm


⤅ Prices: $



To tell you the truth we are pizza lovers! La Chakra has an artisanal style of fresh and thin dough. While they take their time to deliver your order, the wait is not in vain!Each bite has the perfect blend of crispy dough and plenty of cheese and fresh ingredients.

I recommend trying the vegetarian pizza, with Amazonian ingredients and other seasonal vegetables. Don’t forget to try the delicious green sauce they prepare to complement your pizza!


⤅ Every day except Wednesday | 16:00 pm to 20:00 pm


⤅ Prices: $$

DO MEMIN | Sea Food - Ecuadorian Style


Well, these guys have brought the beach to the Amazon!
This is the best place to have Ecuadorian Style Seafood. They have an extremely large menu, and everything is good.

If you want to try the Ecuadorian Ceviche, GO for it! Everything served in Do Memin is fresh.

If you want to try a little bit of everything, we recommend ordering the “Ejecutivos“: you will receive the seafood ingredient of your preference prepared in 3 different ways in the same dish!

We also recommend the “Reventados“; this dish consists in any seafood ingredient of your preference deep fried with a special coconut batter. Spectacular!

They are located in the best place to hang around in Tena: near “El Malecón de Tena”.


⤅ Open everyday | 10:00 pm to 17:00 pm


Prices: $$

Where to eat in Tena

Turkish Döner Kebab Falafel ``Casa Caña Brava``


Just as you hear it, kebabs in Tena! The “Casa Caña Brava” is a small and picturesque restaurant located near the “Malecón de Tena”. Mustafa, the owner and chef of the place is always present. That’s why the dishes always come out spectacular!

If you are very hungry and want to try a little bit of everything, we recommend you to choose the “Caña Brava” dish. You have the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients, including falafels, sauces, salad, meat, and the best fries in the area!

If you’re in luck and haven’t run out yet, ask Mustafa for a Baklava for dessert! And if you’re even luckier, Mustafa will offer you a shot of one of the best sugar cane drink you’ve ever tasted in your life!


⤅ Tuesday to Saturday | 17:30 pm to 21:00 pm


Prices: $



If you are a meat lover, you have found paradise! They offer different beef cuts like tomahawk, ribeye, “bife de chorizo”, etc…

They will provide your steak in the perfect temperature and term. Their chimichurri/sauce is really good as well as the rustic french fries they serve as garnish.

We recommend ordering the “Baby Beef” cut, it is super tender and flavorful.

They are located in the best place to hang around in Tena: “El Malecón de Tena”.


⤅ Monday to Saturday | 18:30 pm to 22:30 pm


⤅ Prices: $$